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Meet The Artists

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Caleb Bray

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Caleb Bray is a filmmaker and artist who manipulates and captures light to create vibrant and interactive pieces. He has a host of experiences in capturing and creating community-oriented art projects, shows, and workshops.

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Sophia Chilton

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Sophia Chilton is a visual artist who specializes in Painting and Installation works. She creates immersive and thoughtful lightscapes shaped in response to the environment they are displayed in. She does this by projecting her abstract paintings on and through various surfaces in a choreographed manner.

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Silas Chinsen

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Silas Chinsen is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer. He writes and arranges music for choirs, solo guitar, audio-visual collaborations, and a singer/songwriter project. Chinsen aims to create music that inspires a visceral emotional experience through the use of extended harmonic and sonic textures.

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